Conoscenza, innovazione continua e flessibilità

The company was established in 1997 in the industrial area near Salerno , “Lumicart s.r.l.” became, thanks to our passion and our family commitment a ” landmark” in the production of ecologic boxes for votive candles and electronic ones.

The ” Philosophy” which has always been different for “Lumicart s.r.l.” is the research , the experiment and the innovation which comes by the technology experience grown in about 20 years of history:  hundreds of products patented are the best witness of the attention paid to the contents which allowed us to meet the needs of our costumers.

“Lumicart s.r.l.” can boast ” experience and Professionalism ” in our  sector, in which it has made room over the years by increasing their production and expanding the panorama of our products , electronic items and so on.

The company is based in Angri, has always tried to respond to the requests of the costumers , offering them reliability, quality and warranty, characteristics which always distinguished our products  marked Lumicart

La Mission

Creating synergy with the costumer, understanding the needs, solving problems and suggest solutions, these are the key elements of our company.

Not only we try to satisfy every request , we work respecting the environment using renewable materials and we developed a work place that is safe and serene, keeping the collecting well-being growth, and allowing our collaborators to grow up in specific skills.

  1. Italian production

    The production of our candles and electronic candles is made in Italy.

  2. Infinite customizations

    Nowadays, our costumer can choose between about 2000 possible customizations , from colors , led type and material.

    We also offer innovate packaging from all shapes and dimensions, with modern and new pictures.

  3. Innovation and research

    Lumicart s.r.l. constantly  offers new articles, making market research targeted to satisfy our costumers needs.

La Vision

During the years, “Lumicart srl” has changed from a family and local business, to a modern Company with an high industrialization rate, which always provides an important function attributed to people.

This production conception has resulted and results the continuous innovation of the the productive processes, with the introduction of latest generation machinery.

Our productive model relies on  the moderation of the installations a double important task:

The first one being to raise the technologic content of the products and, together , giving a significant contribute to the cost containment of the production : the technology at the service of men.

18000Electronic candles produced every day
50000Boxes for votive candles produced every day
Pietre miliari


Giugno, 2012

2012, it’s the most important year of the history of our company.

The production was increasing day by day , and the founders, with their sons which they became part of the company meanwhile , decided to build their own establishment in the industrial area of Angri ( SA) about 2700 sm.

After 15 years Lumicart came back in Angri.

Settembre, 2008

In September 2008,  We bought the fourth automatic Machine

Aprile, 2008

In April 2008, We sent our first delivery abroad. During this year we started to have our first connection with foreign markets .

Giugno, 2006

After only 6 years, By then our old establishment was too small to contain the considerable growth of the production and that’s why ” LUMICART “ , moved in another establishment in

Sant’ Egidio (SA) about 1700 sm.


Febbraio, 2005

In february 2005 , We bought our third Automatic Machine , that allowed to triple the production .

Gennaio, 2005

In January 2005, We made our company logo , that we still use now.

Novembre, 2002

In November 2002, We bought our second automatic Machine, to satisfy all the additional requests we started to have back then .

Settembre, 2000

Our Small laboratory created in 1997 , was by then too small to contain all the machine and the storage area, so in September 2000, Lumicart moved in a factory based in Corbara ( SA), about 600 sm.

We the changed few locations.

Giugno, 2000

In june 2000 , we started the automation of ecological containers. From an Idea of the founders It was created our First Automatic Machine which allowed us to double the production.

Maggio, 1997

In May 1997, Lumicart was born in Angri from an idea of Domenico and Carmine Tedesco.